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Our Staff

Kristin M. Weiss

Owner / Founder

Licensed Title Insurance Agent / Closing Officer / Escrow Agent

Notary Public for the State of Florida

Kristin has 30+ years of experience in the title insurance, real estate and mortgage industries working for Fortune 500 companies and small independent offices.  She is well known for her excellence in customer service and willingness to "go the extra mile" for realtors, loan officers, mortgage brokers, lenders, buyers and sellers.  She is proficient in all aspects of the real estate market including new construction, 1031 exchanges, residential real estate purchases, refinance transactions and short sales.  Kristin has a proven track record as an efficient problem solver with good decision making, strong organizational skills, detail oriented and interpersonal and business skills. She is an astute professional with strong work ethics and the ability to remain calm, patient and productive in a fast-paced environment.  Kristin takes pride in achieving her goal of exceeding her customers' expectations and reaches her goals with confidence, efficiency and professionalism. She excels in this ever changing environment and works tirelessly to ensure your delightful and rewarding experience.  Kristin personally performs mobile closings in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco counties; again, this offers flexibility in scheduling closings for both you and your clients.


Great Results, Personable, Expert!

Kristin has handled title work for my probate clients and her work is timely, professional, and first-rate. I recommend her to anyone seeking real estate title work." 

Ann Shaw, Attorney at Law


Highly Recommended!

It is a pleasure to recommend Kristin. Her knowledge and level of service in the title industry is very well known. I expect to be doing business with her for a very long time.

Michael Banner, Reverse Mortgage Educator- Security One Lending


Great to Work With!

Kristin provides great service and is phenomenal with clients.  She brings a lot to the table and is a great asset,

Steve Capen, Keller Williams Realty


Great Communicator!

When it comes to knowledge, intelligence and knowing the Real Estate Business ... Kristin is the answer!

Sara Klawiter, Future Home Realty



Kristin and I were both managers for different branches and she was one of the most organized, professional managers I have worked with in all my years in this business. If you are looking for professional services, I would recommend her and her firm.

Debra Thompson, Paralegal at CCM&L


Great Knowledge!

Kristin has done title work for family, friends and myself. She is without equal in her professionalism and expertise.

Thomas Buonomo, LMHC, CAP

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